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Dr. Fathi is certified in the leading treatments for malaligned teeth, including Fastbraces® and ClearCorrect aligners. For many patients, Fastbraces® offer a quick and easy route to straighter teeth in less than a year. While traditional braces work in phases, moving the crown of the tooth in the first year and then the roots of the tooth in the second, Fastbraces® begins with the root. Patients receive a customized treatment specific to their needs, starting with a root adjustment at their very first appointment. This allows the teeth to move quickly and safely, and can yield a winning smile in as few as 20 weeks.

What are the advantages of Fastbraces®?
My patients love how quickly this works! Treatment times range from three months to about a year. Fastbraces® also typically require just one orthodontic wire, as opposed to the series of tightening and various wires involved with traditional braces.
Fastbraces® uses uniquely shaped braces that activate a superelastic nickel-titanium wire. This special wire helps completely straighten teeth in just one stage, using the natural temperature of the mouth. This cuts treatment times from years to just months.
Thanks to advances in technology, straightening teeth is cheaper, quicker, and more comfortable than ever before. Research shows that patients using the Fastbraces® bracket system experience less sensitivity and pain.

Are Fastbraces® right for you?
Fastbraces® are safe and effective for both children and adults. For those concerned about aesthetics, Fastbraces® Clear™ ceramic brackets are also available as a clear option.
Dr. Fathi will review your unique medical and dental history and determine which orthodontic treatment is best for you.